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The majority of the calls we get are because homeowners listen to animals scampering around inside the attic room or walls. The majority of the damages inside a houes or attic room is hidden. Rodents like squirrels, computer mice, as well as rats usually eat on electric wires. Wild animals such as raccoons, bats, birds, opossums, and also rats spread out several conditions that people can as well as do capture, such as Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and also more. Several animals leave droppings as well as pee in an attic or create mold or smell troubles. We likewise manage animals outside your house. It could be a pest that has dug a big opening alongside your residence, or a raccoon in your trash bin, a marsupial that is swiping pet food, or a skunk living under your deck, creating a smell problem. Some pets destroy your yard or landscaping. Or perhaps you are simply scared of serpents. Whatever the trouble is, our wildlife specialists can eliminate the source of the issue, as well as prevent it from happening again. We are not a Chicago elimination company, nor pest control. We are dedicated Baltimore wild animals control specialists.

  • Baltimore Raccoon Removal – Raccoons commonly stay in the attic, where they create damages. They can also cause numerous problems outside.
  • Baltimore Rat Extermination – We fix rat and mouse problems PERMANENTLY, by searching for and also sealing closed any type of and all rat entry openings.
  • Baltimore Bat Control – We have a 100% success rate safely getting rid of Illinois bats from buildings, as well as we ensure our work.
  • Baltimore Squirrel as well as Rat Elimination – For any type of animal, such as squirrels in the attic, we eliminate them, repair damage, & clean.


We believe we are Baltimore’s finest. We do a complete task, throughout. We remove wild animals humanely and also efficiently. When we come across animals inside a home, we inspect every part of your home, from ground to roofing system, to determine all the locations of access, as well as we do specialist repair work, with assurance. We inspect inside the attic room to locate any damage, as well as provide complete cleaning services. We offer attic room remediation, permanent rodent control, bat nest exclusion, bird avoidance, snake elimination, dead pet elimination as well as odor control, as well as more. We are completely Illinois accredited as well as guaranteed, as well as all set to address your Baltimore animal trouble. Call us any time for a phone appointment as well as price quote.


Just how to eliminate a wild animal from the chimney

It is a regular occurrence to listen to noises in your chimney at some time and the reality is that there is a good factor regarding why there are these sounds. Both common circumstances include: a wild animal particularly is embedded the chimney or a raccoon has determined to utilize your chimney as life site. Despite the situation it is very important to make certain that the correct procedures are carried out to remove them from the chimney. You must not under any type of circumstances try to shed or smoke the pets out of the smoke shaft. Many wild animals normally error the smoke shafts for environment and also they have no hint that they are getting into a no go area. You are consequently needed to determine the reason the wild animals are trapped in your chimney prior to creating the best way to evacuate them. Our Baltimore rodent elimination services can securely determine the critter and also address the issue for you.

How to remove raccoons from chimneys

It is the most typical incident in the chimneys particularly during the summer season as well as the springtime periods. If this is the case, you will certainly listen to most movements specifically throughout the day and various other sounds of exactly newly born. There is no need to panic due to the fact that in this circumstance the wild pets will always move out of the chimney when the cubs are old adequate to slightly depend upon themselves. The size differs depending upon the kind of pet that has actually discovered sanctuary in your chimney wherein others might take longer than expected to vacate. To evict them, you can make use of particular requirements that will make certain that all the occupants of your chimney retreat unscathed. Mothers always favor dark areas that are quiet and also not likely to bring in killers. You can create opposite problems if your chimney qualifies to be an environment and the raccoon will be cleared out immediately. Here are a few of the methods that you can use in order to eliminate the raccoons and the best time to perform such a procedure is right before dusk due to the fact that mommies will certainly never ever risk moving their kids in broad daylight as a result of protection reasons. Utilize the very best deterrents right before dusk and ensure that they will certainly work in the direction of driving the family in your chimney away. When this is done you can generate a mild destruction for instance that will certainly interrupt their tranquility in the evening. You can place a radio in the fireplace as well as song to some rock or rap songs. You need to be patient as well as provide time since they are most likely to take some time before they leave the chimney. When they leave the chimney, make certain that you repair it to prevent future intrusion. Baltimore raccoon removal can eliminate them for you, with special tools and methods.

2nd scenario: Wild animals stuck in the chimney.

Most tiny animals like squirrels and also birds are most likely to embed the chimney and if this holds true you will hear some ranting and also struggles within the chimney. If a bird keeps on flapping its fly the chimney after that you have to think that it is stuck as well as you to securely remove it from the chimney. The easiest means is to make sure that the dumper is open and that the door to the fire location. With this the bird will certainly go down right into the fire place and also it will certainly be unharmed. There are other chimneys that do not have doors and if this is the case after that you can create short-term doors on the opening. Once the bird has actually securely landed on the fire place you will delicately cover it with a piece of fabric and afterwards take it outside and meticulously have him launched. It is really simple to launch an animal that is stuck in the chimney because in a lot of instances it will relocate willingly unlike for the raccoon scenario. If the bird flies in your home after its release makes certain that you treat it delicately to prevent injuring him. You can comfortably do this by making sure that all the doors and windows are open. If a rat remains in the chimney, our Baltimore rat control professionals can get it out.

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